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My personal date and that I only have had intercourse twice in four several months, as he has problems keeping a hardon. The guy explained that his final gf distribute rumours he was an awful lover, and that although they have had casual connections since where this has maybe not already been an issue, he is nervous because the guy cares personally such. I’ve attempted comforting him about their performance and telling him that there is no stress for people having sex, but he is nonetheless worried plus the problem persists.

Really smart of you is reassuring and grab the force down, your boyfriend really needs discover the cause of his erectile problem and also to get treatment. Impotency tends to be brought on by either biological or emotional issues, or a combination of both. There are many possible health reasons, and recommended medicines, liquor, drugs and smoking cigarettes can all have sexual complications. Possible psychological reasons feature despair and anxiousness – plus your boyfriend’s case it ought to have already been very unpleasant to possess been humiliated by their ex. That kind of thing can really compound an erectile problem.

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Motivate him to look for therapy by reminding him the guy deserves getting their worry eased. If fundamental healthcare causes are ruled-out by doctor, look for sex therapy from a well-qualified expert. One of the better steps you can take for him is to instruct him how you want to be pleasured in ways other than penetration. Permit him show exactly what a great enthusiast he is able to be – actually without an erection. “sex” will not merely mean sex.


Pamela Stephenson is actually a medical psychologist and psychotherapist whom specialises for sexual issues.